Monday, April 02, 2007

Winds of War: Once Upon a Time in America

As the threat to our culture and civilization from an evil and decadent ideology progressed at a rapid pace, the MSM, celebrities and anti-war organizations spread their disinformation and plied their appeasing trade.

From the main stream media: "The most ominous event in the history of the American Government has been the sudden rise in the power and authority of the executive will,"

From a celebrity: “It is not the duty of the United States to police the world.”

From an anti-war organization: Americans naturally wish security and peace for the rest of the world, but it is not entirely within their powers to bring these things about.

What year are these quotes from? 2001? 2002? 2007?

Nope. 1940

  • Garet Garrett wrote the first quote in the Saturday Evening Post, October, 1940.
  • Charles Lindbergh, the celebrity, said this in his testimony in Washington in1940.
  • Quoted by the America First Committee in 1940 - and anti-war organization.

Just a year later, Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Did these appeasers learn from their misinterpretation of events? Did they publicly admit that they were wrong? Did they shuffle their feet and apologize for the additional deaths they caused by preventing the government from committing the country earlier to the war effort?

On December 11, 1941 the America First Committee leaders met and voted for dissolution. In the statement they released to the press was the following:

“Our principles were right. Had they been followed, war could have been avoided. No good purpose can now be served by considering what might have been, had our objectives been attained...”

Now that’s ballsy.

So when it’s finally clear that we are at war with a malicious ideology that even a blind man with a cane can see it, the liberals, democrats, appeasers and apologist will still say – “We didn’t do enough to avert war.”

As they say, proven wrong, a fanatic redoubles his efforts.

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  • Excellent point! Many people truly didn't see the threat at the time; and after the great loss from WWI one can be understand the difficulty they had. With hindsight we often believe we would have the wisdom to face the gathering threats in the 1930s.

    Let me also add the chief appeaser of them all: Neville Chamberlain. When Hitler invaded Poland he realized his mistake and wholeheartedly supported Churchill. The difference between the appeasers then and the appeasers now is one of patriotism on the part of the former and a visceral hatred of our civilization on the part of today's appeasers.

    By Blogger Jason_Pappas, at 8:24 AM  

  • "The difference between the appeasers then and the appeasers now is one of patriotism on the part of the former and a visceral hatred of our civilization on the part of today's appeasers."

    Jason - you are 100% correct. How that will effect out response when the real war starts is yet tobe seen. Will we re-establish sedition laws?

    By Blogger WC, at 10:10 AM  

  • I have also been reading up on the events prior to the two great wars. Those situations are close to identical to the one we are now in. It's very, very interesting. Let's just hope the celebs and media wake up SOOON, like they did back then...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:32 AM  

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