Saturday, March 17, 2007

Storm Track Intimidation: Muslim Removed from Human Relations Commission Protested

Muslims are offended – Again! This time in Arizona. Hat tip to Michael.

Nearly three dozen Muslims held a protest Friday in front of City Hall, spurred in part by the removal of a Muslim man from the Phoenix Human Relations Commission. The City Council in October removed Marwan Ahmad from the commission. Sabahudin Ceman, imam of the Islamic Center of North Phoenix, was named as Ahmad's replacement.

Mayor Phil Gordon was behind the decision to remove Ahmad, saying that he delivers a message of intolerance against Israel and the Jewish community when the commission's mission is to promote respect and understanding among all groups.

Good. Some anti-dhimmi behavior from a major city mayor and was right to remove Ahmad from the commission. Ahmad publishes the Multicultural Yellow Pages, which excludes references to the Valley's Jewish cultural institutions and replaces Israel with the name Palestine on a Middle East map.

Gordon, who regularly meets with members of the Muslim community, said that "serving on the Human Relations Commission is a privilege, not a right." Hani Rahal, a member of a Muslim coalition, said, "People should not be removed from their positions because of their political views."

Excuse me! If you are on a commission to improve human relations, there is not room for bigoted political opinion.

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  • Am listening to WC and AOW interview with Chaim. Great interview.

    Also, re the 6 flying imams, the Minneapolis Somali Taxi Drivers, and other cases of trying to impose Sharia law gradually on US institutions, since I think that most Americans find this to be an assualt on our liberties, I am surprised that some of our politicians haven't addressed this issue. It's got to be a winning issue to speak out against these attacks on our culture and society.

    By Blogger felix, at 9:11 PM  

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