Thursday, March 01, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: Muslims to World – “We Are the Victims”

The Islamists have learned well from their mentors – the Nazis – and are reading straight from their playbook.

One of the biggest Nazi lies of all was the lie that Germany was the victim of British and French humiliation (Germany’s defeat and crippling reparations), a Jewish conspiracy (international bankers, support for communism and sedition), the need for ‘lebensraum’ or ‘living room’ and the lack of resources to adequately feed and support their citizens (though there was no problem finding the national resources to rebuild the German war machine).

Claim you’re the victim and blame someone else for everything that’s wrong with the sorry state of your ideology. The bigger the lie the better (People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it - Goebbels).

The Islamists are well versed in the Big Lie and the art of disinformation and owe a lot to the Nazis as its use as a ‘softening up’ tool.

The Big Lie as propaganda device has a long and dishonorable history, gulling onto complacency those who prefer to avoid unpleasant worries. The Nazi propagandist Goebbels was its most notable practitioner, but for sheer numbers and historical roots, no other group can match the efforts of jihadist Muslims, with their religiously—sanctioned practice of deceiving infidels to protect the faith.

Al—Jazeera aired on March 24, 2006, a rather chilling, one—sided 'dialogue' between representatives of Arab and Danish student organizations who met in Damascus, ostensibly to discuss the violent worldwide Muslim reactions following publication of the Muhammad cartoons by the Danish paper Jyllands—Posten.

Ahmad Al—Shater, Chairman of the Arab Students Union, and his Sudanese Student Union colleague 'Muhammad,' were unremittingly truculent in their presentations, which melded classic taquiyya (sanctioned dissimulation of Islamic doctrine to 'protect' the faithful), or sheer ignorance, Muslim Jew—hatred, and a Goebbels—like distortion of contemporary events, including the requisite conspiratorial Judenhass (Jew—hatred).

That was in March of last year. Here is a more recent example of the Big Lie of the Islamists.

The United States and its foreign policies have come under fire at a conference on relations between the U.S. and Islam, with figures like suicide bombing apologist Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi accusing America of responsibility for Muslims' animosity.

Yep. We woke up one day and said, “Let’s get the Muslims stirred up.” Not that it mattered that 3000 Americans were killed don 9-11 or that others died in the WTC bombing 10 years before.

Then there’s this little ditty on how our culture is harming Muslims from Western Australia.

WA’s highest court has rejected a young Muslim man’s argument that he deserved a reduced sentence on drug charges because his cultural background made him vulnerable to drug dealers in WA’s “excessive” Western lifestyle.

Bilal “Bobby” Vagh, 22, claimed his strict Muslim upbringing made him naive and he got involved in drugs only after he came “under the thrall” of a charismatic young WA drug dealer who befriended him.

He submitted factors including that he came from a closed, strict Muslim family, a non-drug, non-alcoholic background and ended up in an excessive Western lifestyle.

Ah, yes. If you can’t get away with a lie, then refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

But the Court of Appeal upheld the six-year jail term given to Vagh for dealing speed, LSD and ecstasy, backing District Court Judge Shauna Deane’s finding that he made an informed decision to deal drugs and was responsible for his actions.

Allah be praised!

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  • The flip side of the mohammedan death cult -- kill the infidels and all that -- is the mohammedan cult of victimhood.

    It's not a subtle point or clever insight I'm asserting here. You only have to pay light passing attention to the news to see the pattern.

    * An amazing number of mohammedans want to die as "martyrs". Which is an interesting way to frame a suicide. I kill myself, but I'm a martyr. Compare this for a moment with the Christian concept of martyrdom...
    * An amazing number of mohammedans admire those who die as phony self-martyrs, and shower admiration and praise (and even cash) on their families.
    * The shia even have a holiday where they parade through the streets whipping, if not actually mutilating themselves.
    * The infamous "honor" murders, are murders by families of their own daughters.
    * The whole sick clitoidectomy thing -- what normal heterosexual man wants to be involved with a woman who cannot feel anything in sex -- a woman who will never look at him with blissful gratitude.
    * The list goes on ...

    And dare I say it, have you ever thought about what they call praying? Putting your head on the floor and sticking your rear end in the air!

    Um ... how can I put this ... has nobody else ever questioned the significance of this posture?

    The flip side of all that extroverted blood-thirstiness is an inwardly directed compulsion to humiliate, torment, deny, mutilate, and even kill oneself and the people one supposedly loves.

    How could any human live in an atmosphere like that and not walk around with a sense of having been victimized ?!?!?!?!?!


    And their ideology is set up in such a way as to make it virtually impossible for them to notice what is going on.


    And the multi-cultis just gobble it all up. They love the stuff.

    They have no clue as to what is going on, but these are people they can relate to. These people are Victims.

    Hard to say who's sicker.

    By Blogger joe, at 12:44 AM  

  • Excellent analysis, Joe.

    By Blogger WC, at 8:04 AM  

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