Friday, February 02, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement & Apologists: From the ‘Get a Clue’ Department - Curbing Political Islam Backfiring.

The hand wringing continues from the appeasers and apologists who just can’t understand why all their efforts at ‘integrating’ Muslim youth into mainstream non-Muslim society is not working.

The extent of the growth in extremism was made clear last year by Britain's domestic spy chief who said security services were monitoring 1600 mostly UK-born suspects.

Then there’s this study.

The study found 37 per cent of 16-24-year-old Muslims would prefer to live under Islamic sharia law than under British law compared to just 17 per cent of those aged over 55.

There was also far greater support for exhibiting their religious identity in public with 74 per cent of young Muslims preferring women to wear a veil or hijab compared to 28 per cent of the older generation. Thirteen per cent of those aged 16-24 also agreed with the statement that they "admire organisations like al Qaeda that are prepared to fight the West" as opposed to just 3 per cent in the 55 and over age bracket.

Hmmm…Yes there is definitely a problem.The report said growing religiosity among young Muslims reflected a "search for meaning and community", a sense of disengagement that was shared by young people generally.

Yes, many youths in Britain and the free world are looking for "search for meaning and community. What else is new that’s been going on since the 60s. But non-Muslim youths in their “search for meaning and community" are not blowing up subway trains.

Why is it only Muslim youths radicalized to the extent that they would kill their fellow citizens? Because there’ fertile ground and that fertile ground is nurtured and by one thing and one thing only.

That fertile ground is ready and waiting to be tilled by the seeds of hate planted by extremist imams like those in the UK in mosques reported by the British CH 4. And that fertile ground is nurtured by multiculturalism. Multiculturalism teaches self-loathing and self-hatred of the dominant (read Judeo-Christian) culture. Or in the words of Daniel Pipes “Significant elements in several Western countries — especially America, Britain, and Israel — believe their own governments to be repositories of evil and see terrorism as just punishment for past sins. This "we have met the enemy and he is us" attitude replaces an effective response with appeasement, including a readiness to give up traditions and achievements. Osama bin Laden celebrates by name such leftists as Robert Fisk and William Blum. Self-hating Westerners have an outsize importance due to their prominent role as shapers of opinion in universities, the press, religious institutions, and the arts.”

Is it any wonder that Muslim youths raised in a cultural atmosphere that teaches Western Culture is decadent and responsible for all the ills in the world to not grow up disillusioned with it? Then when that belief is used properly by Islamist imams to plant their seeds of hate, is it no surprise that Muslim youths will turn on their culture?

By being color blind, ethnic blind, cultural blind, gender blind and religious blind – we become totally blind to the threat in front of us.

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  • Let's not forget the contributions of our allies in the struggle against extremist terrorists: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    It is the Kingdom that builds these mosques where the hatred is taught. It is the kingdom that trains the preachers of hatred. It is the Kingdom that is spreading radicalized beliefs.

    All this happens thanks to the new wealth that Allah has bestowed upon them in recent decades: Petrodollars.

    Many people in the Muslim world are trying to get away from it, but find Saudi influence following them, and even preceding them.

    As Benjamin Netanyahu said in the wake of 9/11: "It's the regimes, stupid."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:02 AM  

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