Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: American Children – Next Terrorist Target?

JR over at A Keyboard and a .45 recently wrote a chilling post. He speculated on some worrisome information and events that could lead to mass slaughter in our schools by terrorists.

Consider these points:

  • According to two trainers at an anti-terrorism conference on the East Coast, preparations for attacks on American schools that will bring rivers of blood and staggering body counts are well underway in Islamic terrorist camps.
  • The intended attackers have bluntly warned us they’re going to do it.
  • They’re already begun testing school-related targets here.
  • They’ve given us a catastrophic model to train against, which we’ve largely ignored and they’ve learned more deadly tactics from.

According to an article from, “We don’t know for sure what they will do. But by definition, a successful attack is one we are not ready for,” declared one of the instructors, Lt.Col. Dave Grossman. Our schools fit that description to a “T”—as in Terrorism and Threat.”

How do we know that the terrorist are targeting our schools? Todd Rassa, a trainer with the SigArms Academy and an advisory board member for The Police Marksman magazine, shared a full day’s agenda on the danger to U.S. schools at a recent three-day conference on terrorist issues, sponsored by the International Assn. of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) in Atlantic City.

Al-Qaeda has publicly asserted the “right” to kill 2,000,000 American children, Rassa explained, and has warned that “operations are in stages of preparation” now. He played vivid videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan, showing al-Qaeda terrorists practicing the takeover of a school. The trainees issue commands in English, rehearse separating youngsters into manageable groups and meeting any resistance with violence. Some “hostages” are taken to the rooftop, dangled over the edge, then “shot.”

In this country this year [’06], Rassa said, there have been several school bus-related incidents involving Middle Eastern males that raise suspicion of terrorist activity. These include the surprise boarding of a school bus in Florida by two men in trench coats, who may have been on a canvassing mission, and the attempt in New York State by an Arab male to obtain a job as a school bus driver using fraudulent Social Security documents. The latter gave an address in Detroit, home to a large colony of fundamentalist Muslims. Rassa claimed that floor plans for half a dozen schools in Virginia, Texas and New Jersey have been recovered from terrorist hands in Iraq.

A “dress rehearsal for what terrorists plan to do to us” has already taken place, Rassa and Grossman agreed. That was the brutal takedown in 2004 of a school that served children from 6 to 17 years old in Beslan, Russia. Some 100 terrorists were involved, nearly half of whom were discreetly embedded in the large crowd of parents, staff and kids who showed up for the first day of school; the rest arrived for the surprise attack in SUVs, troop carriers and big sedans. Across a three-day siege, 700 people were wounded and 338 killed, including 172 youngsters.

What is the likely means of attack upon a school in the United States?

Probably not so many terrorists involved at a single location. Moving that big a contingent into place would likely attract too much attention and thwart the attack. Grossman describes a more likely possibility, in his opinion: Terrorist cells of four operatives each will strike simultaneously at four different schools. They’ll probably pick middle schools with no police officers on site, where the girls are “old enough to rape” but students are not big enough to fight back effectively.

The targets will probably be in states “with no concealed-carry laws and no hunting culture” and in communities where “police do not have rifles.” Rural areas may be favored, where 30 minutes or more could be required for responders to arrive in force.

The attackers will “mow down every kid and teacher they see” as they move in to seize the school. They’ll plant bombs throughout the buildings, and “ rape, murder and throw out bodies like they did in Russia.” Emergency vehicles responding and children fleeing will be blown up by car bombs in the parking lot.

In all, 100 to 300 children could be slaughtered in a first strike. Terrorists capable of this are already embedded in communities “all over America,” Grossman and Rassa agreed. More will probably gain entry surreptitiously from Mexico, making southern California potentially a prime target.

Does Hezbollah ring a bell?

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    By Blogger Matt Cooper, at 10:53 AM  

  • Oh good. Spam comments.

    What I am most afraid of here, is the reaction that will come from the left. I am willing to bet they do a great job of paralyzing efforts to find and deal with these people once this all got started, just for the sake of trying to find out what we 'did wrong' this time.

    By Blogger Otter, at 11:39 AM  

  • God have mercy on the judges and law enforcement individuals who did not find cause to permanently incarcerate the muslims who boarded the Florida school buses wearing trenchcoats and the muslim who attempted to fraudulently obtain a job as a school bus driver.

    This report brings one from a simmer to a rolling boil. THANK GOD FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT . . .At the appropriate moment - it's OPEN SEASON.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:46 PM  

  • I've been concerned about the nukes Bin Laden has had since 1996. Oddly enough, although I've talked with people often about Beslan, and mentioned it twice in my own (new) blog, I've had such a focus on the nukes that it never occurred to me that a Beslan could happen in the US. A recent post in my blog now calls attention to the danger, as described here and elsewhere.

    Thanks for pointing out the forest in the midst of the trees.

    By the way: not just the Second Amendment, but the entire US Constitution has a funny habit of meaning just what the judges, the politicians, and the education and media industries tell us it means. That's how we get into this situation where they tell us that having a firearm is not a Constitutional right.

    That's also how we get into this grotesque situation where 1) a law against "hate speech" is not considered a violation of the First Amendment, 2) the fiery speeches of Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadis calling for death and destruction to America and Israel are not considered "hate speech", and 3) our warnings that these guys are preaching hate are not considered protected by the First Amendment, but rather, are examples of racist "hate speech".

    It's bass-ackwards....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 AM  

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