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Storm Track Disinformation: Muslims – Soul Searching or Mental Illness?

At a recent debate over the battle for Islamic ideals in England, a British-born Muslim stood before the crowd and said Prophet Mohammed's message to nonbelievers is: "I come to slaughter all of you. We are the Muslims," said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. "We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad."

But in the same debate, held on the prestigious grounds of Dublin's Trinity College in October, many people in the crowd objected. One dissenter said: "These people, ladies and gentleman, have a good look at them. They actually believe if you kill women and children, you will go to heaven," said one young Muslim who waved his finger at the radicals.

"This is not ideology,” one young Muslim man said waving his finger at the radicals. “It's a mental illness."

But a Michael van der Galien at the Moderate Voice took issue with that dissenting opinion.

Sadly, it is not an ‘mental illness’ at all and calling it like that denies the very real danger this ideology poses to non-extremist Muslims and to non-Muslims. It is not a mental illness, it is a very dangerous ideology, that appeals to quite some young Muslims for different reasons....There is a battle going on for the soul of Islam (in Europe), so much is clear.

Well, Mr. van der Galien, I disagree. That battle over Islam today is not over its soul – but its mind.

I’ve written quite about Islam and mental illness. The struggle between the Islamists and those moderate Muslims of Islam is not over Islam’s soul – but over its mind.

Here’s just one sign of why I think Islam is a mental illness and produces bizarre perceived offences. A Muslim Indonesian group attacked a century-old ‘mystical’ tree to propagate Islam.

Muslim hardliners chopped up a 100-year-old banyan tree in Jakarta to halt a rumor about its special powers from spreading, officials in the Indonesian city said Tuesday. "Surely, no one can believe that a tree is more powerful than a human," Zainal Arifin, the leader of the Muslim group that admits to attacking the tree, was quoted as saying by news website. "We did this to propagate Islam."… Arifin said the fact that nothing supernatural happened to the Muslims who attacked the tree proves that it has no mystical powers.

So they had to cut down the tree to prove it?

Here’s another. This time from the mouth of Muslim psychiatrist.

Palestinian psychiatrist Iyad Al-Sarraj, cited in a recent Reuters report entitled "Palestinians find ready supply of suicide bombers," said both religion and the humiliation of life under occupation were the key motives for suicide bombers bent on starting a better life in paradise.

"It is no wonder that some people are doing it. We should wonder why everyone isn't doing it," Sarraj said.

In an interview with Gulf News, former chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India's intelligence dealing with external security, says that there is a need to understand the Muslim mind, and engage in a constant dialogue with the community.

“Contemporary jihad is not a matter of politics at all (of ‘occupation, of ‘grievances,’ of colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism and Zionism), but a matter of Gnostic faith. Consequently, attempts at dealing with the problem politically will not even touch it. Aspirin is good, and so is penicillin, but they are of little avail to counter maladies of the mind. I am emphatically not saying here that the jihadis are “crazy.” I am saying that they are possessed of a disease of the mind, and the disease is the political religion of modern Gnosticism in its Islamic version.”

Again, Islam for the Islamists is a form of mental illness and the current struggle in Islam is not so much a battle over its soul than a battle over its mind.

Here’s another sign of why I think Islam is a mental illness and clouds a Muslim’s better judgment. Dhimmi Watch reports that mullahs tell aid groups in Pakistan to fire women or "face violent protests"

“Muslim clerics in earthquake-hit Azad Kashmir have told aid agencies to fire all local women employees or face violent protests, officials and religious leaders said on Thursday.”We have told the administration that we will not allow NGOs to exploit our women and asked them to give a date suitable to them for removal of all female workers," Syed Atta Ullah Shah, prayer leader of the Bagh central mosque, told Agence France Presse.”

These women are there to help the Muslim victims but it seems the non-Muslim female aid workers are a ‘bad influence’ on the saintly Muslim women in the earthquake devastated region that the non-Muslim women are there to help. The mullahs are afraid that some female infidel behaviors like wearing normal clothing, makeup and showing a bit of skin might rub off on their pious women.

Here’s another.

A British Muslim declared: "I’m going to bring this country down" over Allah ice cream. Harper's Magazine recently posted "I'm Hatin' It," a September 2005 interview with Rashad Akhtar, "a twenty-seven-year-old British Muslim, who alleges that the graphic used on the lid of Burger King ice-cream cones resembles the Arabic spelling of 'Allah.'"

And called it the “defining moment of his life”.

“I feel humiliated. I want to humiliate the person who did this to an extent that he never works again. I’m going to make him see that it was the biggest mistake in his life. I want to meet the guy. I want to ask the guy, “What does this mean to you?” then never see his face again.”

Now add these to the growing struggle over the mind of Islam.

Isn’t it obvious, Mr. van der Galien that the battle over Islam is not a problem with its soul, but with its mind?

Let’s get clinical.

Are Muslims mentally ill? Or perhaps the very beliefs of their religion makes them so?

Consider this. You’re a psychiatrist speaking with a Muslim. The Muslim claims:

1. He is compelled to repeat the same action every day
2. He overacts to criticism, no matter how minor
3. He thinks everyone hates him

If you were that psychiatrist you would immediately put him on drugs because he was showing signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior, paranoia, and a persecution complex.

Now, let’s look at these metal illnesses as they apply to the practitioners of Islam.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive compulsions (tasks or rituals) which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

Muslims: Are compelled to pray 5 times a day, everyday, for the rest of their lives.

Paranoia is the belief that others are exploiting, or deceiving them, that others may not be loyal or trustworthy, believes there are threats or attacks on their character, bears persistent grudges, sees others as having malevolent intentions toward them, and has a constant habit of blaming others for their problems.

Muslims: The West is waging a Crusade against Islam and they are the cause of their self-made problems.

Persecution complex is when someone is convinced of the validity of their delusions and cannot tolerate criticism of their ideas. Questioning of their beliefs, no matter how trivial, is met with evasiveness, defensiveness, irritability, and hostility.

Muslims: From the triviality of the Mohammed cartoons to books by authors like Robert Spencer, just to list a few, a Muslim’s response is to claim persecution.

The followers of Islam are Schizophrenic. And like schizophrenics, they are not aware of it.

Let’s first look at the definition of Schizophrenia and then just two recent news items that prove my point. A composite definition would include this.

  • People with schizophrenia show grossly disorganized behavior. Symptoms include hallucinations like hearing voices or seeing visions (it’s a faith based belief system like any religion), delusions (false beliefs about commonly held views of reality – the Mohammed cartoon controversy and Muslim response) and bizarre thought patterns. Schizophrenia is accompanied by marked impairment in social or occupational functioning (Islamic states can not function well in the 21st century), extensive withdrawal from other people and the outside world and the investment of it in his own (Islamic fanaticism in its beliefs) - a form of psychosis.

Here are two news items from Google News that supports my point of the Muslim world’s schizophrenic disorganized behavior.

Islam has nothing to do with terrorism: British delegation
A delegation of prominent British Muslims (read intelectuals), currently visiting India, Thursday said that Islam had nothing to do with terrorism and acts of violence by some individuals could not be termed ‘Islamic terrorism’.

Muslim 'Intellectual' Says Arab Elite Must Die
Sa'id ibn Nasser Al-Ghamdi wrote "deviation from the Faith as Reflected in Arab Thought and Literature on Modernity as a three-volume publication based on Al-Ghamdi’s doctoral dissertation. It is gaining popularity within the Muslims world. The author names over 200 "modern Arab intellectuals and authors whom he accuses of heresy—thus making it permissible to kill them.

We are dealing here with a very sick puppy. To repeat - the struggle inside Islam today is not over its soul – but its mind.

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  • That which fills the mind of the mohammedan and causes this mental illness is the doctrine of islam found in the koran, the sunnah (the words and deeds of mohammed) and the sirah, his biography. All of their belief structures come from this trilogy of works. They are also brainwashed from the time of birth to believe in the dual nature of the universe, that of the believers and the filthy non-believer. They live in a box that is eternal and unchanging. How sad.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:37 PM  

  • I think you are sad!! You know nothing of the true Islam so stop spreading rubbish! I suppose you are an American...>>>>>>>figure that one out pal!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:06 PM  

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    By Anonymous JB, at 5:07 PM  

  • "I think you are sad!! You know nothing of the true Islam so stop spreading rubbish! I suppose you are an American..."

    Yes - I am an American thank you. Why? Does that automatically make me stupid? Or perhaps you think all Americans are stupid. And why must you people who disagree with what we write always respond with no argument whatsoever except calling people names.

    So, I know nothing about true Islam, huh? Then explain to me the atrocities that have been committed in Allah’s name over the last decade. Yes, yes, I know, they’re done by a ‘small’ group of extremists from a broad spectrum of society. Sorry, that doesn’t wash any more.

    Look at the record and remove the blinders, bub.

    By Anonymous WC, at 6:18 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:52 PM  

  • Did i say Americans were stupid? I have respect for good people of all nations,cultures and races.
    The fact is that 90% of this hatred for Islam is coming out of America via Amaricans and Zionists. I say stop blaming the religion but start blaming the fanatics! They are everywhere be they Muslim/christian or Jew.

    You say "I know, they’re done by a ‘small’ group of extremists from a broad spectrum of society. Sorry, that doesn’t wash any more" Then i can say "should i hate Christians for the crimes their terrosists/fanatics commit" No because they are going against the teachings of God!
    To judge “Christianity” by their actions would be as foolish and misguided as to judge “Islam” by the actions of those committing the vile deeds.

    Nearly 700,000 Muslims have signed a “Not in the Name of Islam” petition on the website of the Council on American-Islamic Relations that begins: “We, the undersigned Muslims, wish to state clearly that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also betraying the values of the faith they claim to represent.”

    The problem with all of this religious hatred comes down to one thing, the enemy of all major religions and many minor ones also, that being FUNDAMENTALISM; for when a group or sect or religion believes that they are perfect and always right, that automatically makes dissenting points of view wrong, and the tellers of those dissenting views evil and wrong.
    You mention all the atrocities commited by the muslims in the last decade!.......................
    Christian” narcotics traffickers just south of the US border have committed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of brutal and grisly atrocities in Mexican border states in the last few years, and the “Christian” Mexicans in the government, police, and military have done little to stop them— indeed, some collaborate with them or enable them. Each and every day, appalling atrocities are committed by human beings against other human beings for a wide array of reasons, and everything from religion to greed is used to “justify” them.
    As for the muslims commiting atrocities what about reading up on the following............
    U.S. military offensive in Falluja last week in which 600 Iraqis may have died has raised concerns about excessive use of force ,(human rights Watch)
    jailed........ thousands of so-called terrorist suspects, locked them up without the right to a trial or even the right to confront their accusers.............The Bush regime acknowledges that 30,000 Iraqi civilians, largely women and children, have been killed as a result of Bush's invasion of Iraq.Alex Cockburn, using more sophisticated statistical analysis, concluded that 180,000 Iraqis died as a result of Bush's invasion.

    I could go on and on with this but it is so depressing. I am just so tired of hearing the one sided view that Islam is evil!! But hey! what can i do..all this has been predicted and there is no stopping it is there.

    By Anonymous Lightworker, at 2:58 AM  

  • Lightworker

    Good. You’re making an argument. Just what is needed today. I have several very good friends who are solid liberals and I respect their views – though I disagree with them wholeheartedly - because they engage in a rational debate. You gave me your facts, here are mine.

    First, concerning your point about Christians and the criminal element in Mexico. Granted they are criminals BUT they are not trying to force upon the world their sociopolitical ideology. Islamo-fascists want to force the non-Muslim world into submission and accept Shari law as the only law of the land and they are prepared to do this both violently and non-violently. My blog discusses the many types of jihads that the Islamists are using to advance their world domination for Islam’s agenda.

    The apologists for Islam estimate only 10% of Muslims are what you call fundamentalist extremists – that’s 100 to 200 million Muslims out of 1 billion world wide. That my friend is not a small number and survey after survey backs up that though only a small percentage is violent, a large percentage aggress with their objectives. A world dominated by Islam. A poll in 2006 found that Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims are rejecting political tolerance and free speech for a violent, radicalized version of Islam. The results from NOP Research, broadcast by Channel 4-TV on August 7, are startling.

    • Forty-five percent say 9/11 was a conspiracy by the American and Israeli governments. This figure is more than twice as high as those who say it was not a conspiracy. Tragically, almost one in four British Muslims believe that last year's 7/7 attacks on London were justified because of British support for the U.S.-led war on terror. When asked, "Is Britain my country or their country?" only one in four say it is. Thirty percent of British Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia (Islamic religious) law than under British law. According to the report, "Half of those who express a preference for living under Sharia law say that, given the choice, they would move to a country governed by those laws."

    • Twenty-eight percent hope for the U.K. one day to become a fundamentalist Islamic state. This comports with last year's Daily Telegraph newspaper survey that found one-third of British Muslims believe that Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to end it. The news is no less alarming on the question of freedom of speech. Seventy-eight percent support punishment for the people who earlier this year published cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed. Sixty-eight percent support the arrest and prosecution of those British people who "insult Islam." When asked if free speech should be protected, even if it offends religious groups, 62 percent of British Muslims say No, it should not. Also concerning freedom of speech, as the NOP Research survey reports, "hardcore Islamists" constitute nine percent of the British Muslim population. A slightly more moderate group is composed of "staunch defenders of Islam." This second group comprises 29 percent of the British Muslim population. Individuals in this group aggressively defend their religion from internal and external threats, real or imagined.

    • The scary reality is that only three percent of British Muslims "took a consistently pro-freedom of speech line on these questions."

    As for CAIR, this is NOT a civil rights organization. It is an organization that support the agenda of the Islam-fascists. The web site Anti-Cair at They report many incidents of how CAIR is trying undermine our democracy and promote the Islamist agenda and the advancement of Shari law.

    Consider these facts about CAIR.

    Senior CAIR employee Randall Todd Royer, a/k/a “Ismail” Royer, pled guilty and was sentenced to twenty years in prison for participating in a network of militant jihadists centered in Northern Virginia. He admitted to aiding and abetting three persons
    who sought training in a terrorist camp in Pakistan for the purpose of waging jihad against American troops in Afghanistan. Royer’s illegal actions occurred while he was employed with CAIR

    CAIR's Director of Community Relations, Bassem Khafagi , was arrested by the United States due to his ties with a terror-financing front group. Khafagi pled guilty to charges of visa and bank fraud, and agreed to be deported to Egypt. Khafagi’s illegal actions occurred while he was employed by CAIR.

    On December 18, 2002, Ghassan Elashi, founding board member of CAIR-Texas, a founder of the Holy Land Foundation, and a brother-in-law of Musa Abu Marzook , was arrested by the United States and charged with, among other things, making false statements on export declarations, dealing in the property of a designated terrorist organization, conspiracy and money laundering. Ghassan Elashi committed his crimes while working at CAIR, and was found Guilty.

    CAIR Board Member Imam Siraj Wahaj, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing, has called for replacing the American government with an Islamic caliphate, and warned that America will crumble unless it accepts Islam.

    Rabih Haddad served as a CAIR Fundraiser. Haddad was co-founder of the Global Relief Foundation (“GRF”). GRF was designated by the US Treasury Department for financing the Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations and its assets were frozen by the US Government on December 14, 2001.
    Consistent with Hamas ideology, CAIR has served as a conduit for the distribution of materials and funds from foreign nationals to groups and institutions within the United States for the purpose of promoting radical Islam and Hamas ideology, and attacked Islamic clerics and scholars who reject radical Islam and the Hamas agenda.

    That’s your Muslim civil rights organization.

    And if you think Anti-CAIR is some bigoted organization, CAIR sued to stop them from revealing the truth, CAIR counter sued asking for proof against Anti-CAIRs charges, and CAIR dropped the suit not wanting to open their books to the investigation.

    Look seruiouly at the 'other side' of the issues and you may be very surprised.

    By Anonymous WC, at 1:27 PM  

  • I will agree to a certain amount you have said but don't agree with the statistics. As for Channel 4 it is considered the lowest form of entertainment/news here in the UK. It is knows as a channel that wants to instigate fierce reaction.

    Muslims do want want to dominate the world (thats a laugh).
    When in the past has the Islamic world waged war on the west? How many times has the US waged war in the world and especially Islmaic countries?
    Muslims just want the foreign influence removed from their lands.

    The USA and Britain want to hold onto their oppressive world domination in the UN and they know too well as the clock ticks its slipping from their hands. Remember Islam is Home to the Muslim world, not the western world. There are no designs to conquer new lands, only reclaim occupied ones.

    As for the anti cair website..... do you really expect them to accept CAIR? This is a Jewish site!!
    The internet is full of sites run by jews spreading lies about Islam, misquoting Koran just as there are many sites run by muslims denouncing the jews. We have to be aware of this and actually do research from unbiased authentic sites.
    Also find out who actually had to drop their case, was it that neither could come out of it with clean hands?
    Not 0ny 45% of muslims think that 9/11 was instigated by the US and Zionisim but i would say 45% of the world population including many learned people in America have good reason to think the same.

    For an unbiased insight to Jihadist visit this site.

    As a parting word................dont forget sometimes religion motivates violence, and sometimes it is used, even manipulated, to justify violence. There also is violence unrelated to religion that gets religiously charged because the conflicting parties happen to be of different faiths.

    As a lightworker i can tell you that peace will come between the 3 main religions but it will come at a cost and America will bear the brunt. At that time we will be entering into a Golden Age like none before and live in harmony.
    Sadly i will not be around to see this but hopefully my grandchildren will.
    Please remember my words and take heart from them.
    I may not respond for a while to any replies as i will be in Turkey and Lebanon for 6 weeks.

    Peace be with you.

    By Anonymous lightworker, at 2:28 AM  

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