Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement: Rhode Island a CAIR Convert?

CAIR is at it again. Instead of helping project this county against terrorists who would harm Muslims and non-Muslims alike, they are proposing to tie the hands of law enforcement even further. The CAIR-promoted ERPA federal legislation would generally prevent police from inquiring about someone's immigration status or demanding documentation.

Now the legislative appeasers in Rhode Island are getting into the act.

PROVIDENCE -- Police would be prohibited from asking passengers of a car for identification after a traffic stop unless criminal activity is suspected, under an antiracial-profiling bill announced by state legislators yesterday. The bill also would require police to document in writing their grounds for searching a vehicle and would bar officers from asking about immigration status, except in certain circumstances. "This legislation is aimed at taking the bias out of traffic stops by creating standards for every officer in the state to follow," said Representative Joseph Almeida, a retired Providence police officer who is filing the bill along with Senator Rhoda Perry.

And here’s the proponents’ rational for the bill.

They said the legislation was in response to incidents last summer and fall they contend were racially motivated. In July, a state trooper stopped a van carrying Guatemalan nationals on Interstate 95 and temporarily detained the vehicle. The van, initially pulled over for failing to use a turn signal when switching lanes, was escorted to a federal immigration office in Providence after the driver and passengers were unable to show proof of their US citizenship. The new legislation would prohibit authorities from using a minor traffic violation as a pretext for stopping a vehicle for other reasons.

Hey! Is that a bomb belt you’re wearing? Ooop! Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Check if your own national or state legislatures have any similar bills proposed. In the USA, we need to know if this is a state-by-state movement to attack our ability to protect ourselves. Send information to the 910 Group Legislative Research coordinator, .

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  • Well, I'm not surprised. The founder of Project Hope and Harmony, the organization which established the day-laborers center in Herndon, Virginia, has stated that the status of the workers should not matter.

    Read about Mukit Hossain.

    By Blogger Always On Watch Two, at 5:33 PM  

  • CAIR's involvement is certainly suspicious, given their ties to organizations that they refuse to classify as terrorist. (Read about that one here.)

    But, they're actually on the wrong side of this one. Think about it: the religious and morality police will need to be able to check people's religious affiliation at routine encounters in the street; after all, true dhimmification, where we have to dress differently, may take a while for them to fully impose. To soften us up, they should be getting us accustomed to producing papers whenever requested to do so, and for no good reason. They should want us to have to prove, during a routine traffic stop, that we have a right to even be in the country by asking for papers related not to the vehicle or driving, but to citizenship. Instead, they're trying to get that prohibited. CAIR is taking this in a direction away from dhimmification! Mohammed (peace be upon him) would be pissed at this one.

    This just goes to show you that, while we bemoan how goofed up things are on our side, let's not loose sight of the fact that the other side is every bit as goofed up as we are; in fact, more so -- at least our "prophet" isn't a pedophile, rapist, robber and murderer.

    I was starting to feel a little bummed out today, but you just cheered me up! Thanks, WC. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 PM  

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