Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Storm Track Infiltration: Are Textbook Companies In Collusion with Islamists?

I ran across this interesting post from Conservative Beach Girl and shows that the Islamification of America continues right under our noses to praise and advance the god of multiculturalism. Beach Girl quotes some concerned parents in California.

Here in rural northern CA, a small group of citizens have been bringing attention to fact that there are no less than 6 chapters devoted to the recently adopted 7th grade study of Islam/the 5 Pillars/Muhammad and contributions of Islam. The only response we got in the local papers were name-calling from the educrats!

Not one parent voiced their concern to us or called the school. We started 2 blogs, to expose this particular textbook(TCI)and the other to tell the truth about Islam in general. We have had one public showing of Islam-What the West Needs to Know and will have another one in January, at the local middle school! We purchased 25 copies of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades to sell at wholesale just to get the truth out. This is all being done with private (albeit little) funds.

This is not just a local problem. "Islamic contributors to all the U.S. textbook publishers have seen that "their side" gets printed and the slant is total indoctrination in view of what we see going on around the world.

Make no mistake, the government schools have already been high jacked by the Islamists and it's been going on for the last 10 years right under our noses. But we are still wondering how to stir "the masses".
The following is an article taken directly for Citizens for Truth in Education. It is worth your time to visit their site.

Should Your Children Believe Specious Statements About The Life of Muhammad?

Someone once said that the best way to understand today is to view it from the perspective of yesterday. However, if yesterday's perspective is inaccurate so will be the understanding of today. Let’s look at Chapter 8 in the History Alive! textbook, now in use at our local middle schools. That chapter is titled The Prophet Muhammad.

In the section on Muhammad’s early life, page 8, we read that “Muhammad’s mother sent him to live with a nomad family in the desert. There the young boy learned about Arab traditions, such as being kind to strangers and helping orphans, widows and other needy members of society.” What was in fact the Arab tradition of kindness toward strangers, orphans, widows and the needy during the days of Muhammad's childhood? This context is important to substantiate the statement in the textbook. We researched online to discover what of it could be validated.

According to the Muslim Women’s League, “Since the Arabs had no fully developed system of writing, the sources for this period are limited to traditions, legends, proverbs and above all to poems. The tribe was a unit by itself, and regarded every other tribe as an enemy, unless they had forged alliances to protect one another. There was no centralized infrastructure to protect people and their property. In most tribes of pre-Islamic Arabia, it has been shown that women were deprived of their basic rights, such as the right to choose a husband, to divorce, and to inherit from their family. In pre-Islamic Arabia, a pregnant, divorced woman could be taken by another man under agreement with her former husband.” Do these pre-Islamic Arab traditions sound like kindness toward women and the weak?

If the Teacher’s Curriculum Institute is tossing out specious statements about Muhammad's life, which no 7th grader or an adult for that matter would question because they're originating from "respectable Islamic scholars," is it fair to warn parents and teachers to be wary of other such statements? We certainly think so and will continue to point them out in later posts.

Beach Girl closes with “One thing that can be done is to find out how much money is being given to textbook companies and which companies and then asking school districts to boycott these companies. Don't laugh! Miller's beer learned a bit about public outrage lately when they backed La Raza and the Mexican demonstrations in our streets. Our tax dollars are subsidizing the Islamification and indoctrination of our children when they are young and most impressionable. Have we gone mad? Are we on some sort of drug trip? Have political correctness, diversity, and the altar of multiculturalism addled our brains?”

Seems so.

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