Saturday, December 09, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: US Government Supporting Terrorists – So What Else Is New?

That’s right; the US government is helping to train terrorists on our tax dollars. From DAFKA.

It's now out that the American security coordinator in the territories, General Keith Dayton, has been giving secret training to the Palestinian Presidential Guard. It's part of his program to provide "support" to the Palestinian Fatah faction in its internal struggle with Hamas. The initial training was conducted by American military instructors in a military camp near Jericho, for some 400 men. And now Dayton has asked the Quartet to put in place a program that will have Egyptian, British and perhaps even Jordanian instructors to train the force loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, helping it to grow to some 6,000 men. Dayton seems to have managed to help his masters forget the history of the Presidential Guard and its elite Force 17 unit, and is probably hoping that the Quartet will also have a spot of amnesia. He has also sidestepped the conclusions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that, before the addition of more than 35,000 troops in the last three years, the Palestinian Security Services were overstaffed, out of control, and an insurmountable burden on the Palestinian economy. Of greater concern, though, is that Force 17 is well known for its involvement in terror activities.
Yep – it seems once again, America is training future terrorists.

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  • Thank god.

    We need to end racial profiling in this nation. I noticed you left out the other racial preferences that exist in the world. For example, Jews supply most of the campaign money politicians receive, they then gain a windfall in state and federal contracts AND position and posts in government that far exceeds their population statistics.

    How bout the media, can we racially profile the jews running the media now or is that racist? How bout the Jews in government peddling wars and their lobby's control over Congress? Is that racist?

    You Israeli firsters should move to Israel, that way you can racial profile all you want.

    You sure as hell aint an American, you are someone who puts a foreign nation ahead of America, you suck up to Israel to further your career. You suck up to their agenda, not Americas.

    This racial profiling issue and all the "Israel does it, why can't we" talk is precisely why I despise Jews and Israel along with their Goy slaves like yourself.

    You lost the election because you appeased Israel too much. They led you by the nose and their media owners are still leading you by the nose. America rejected the Israel first agenda and their stupid calls for wars.

    Go fuck yourself and if you want to racial profile me feel free. I would like nothing more for you to confront me so I can break your fucking nose for promoting separate but equal lines in America.

    Sincerely, a brown man who isnt Muslim.

    (if you want to meet up, respond with your email and I will meet you) I would like nothing more than to meet a cancer to America like you so you can really act like a jerkoff to someone's face instead of behind a keyboard. Come racial profile me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 PM  

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