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Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series – APPEASEMENT – Part 3

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and those appeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back at the rising Jihad temperature of APPEASEMENT !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Appeasement. More to follow.

Storm Track Appeasement: Elections Canada Folds Under Sharia Law

The 'faceless voting' position of the dhimmis at the Elections Canada has undermined electoral integrity and equality before the ballot box. The new policy of Elections Canada allows Muslim women to wear identity-concealing face veils, including full burqas, when voting in upcoming federal by-elections in Quebec and Ontario.

It’s something like this that validates Michael Savage’s opinion that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Canada’s federal elections’ regulator says Muslim women can “vote veiled” merely by identifying themselves with a driver’s license and second piece of identification. As an alternative, “covered” women need only swear an oath and have another voter vouch for them.

Yep. You read that right.

“Is this you on your driver’s license?”
Woman in tent – “Of course. I just had my hair done.”
“Oh, OK. Here’s your ballot.”
“Thank you. Allah Akabar!”

“Hey are you a citizen?”
“Yes, the man next to me says I am.”
“Oh, OK. Here’s your ballot.”
“Thank you. Allah Akabar!”

Outbursts of public condemnation overturned a similar initiative earlier this year by Quebec's Election Commission. But that doesn’t stop the mechanical and determined march into dhimmitude. “Oh no! We know better than the general public that has more sense to get out of the rain.”

The Commission was forced to reverse its consent to “burqa voting” when offended Quebec citizens and public interest groups threatened civil disobedience at election time. Highlighting the problem of double standards and arbitrariness, voters promised to attend polls with their faces covered by paper bags, sheets, hockey masks and other head coverings, and to assert “sensitivity” and special religious privilege as their justification for doing so.

Good for the so called insensitive misinformed ignorant masses!

Beyond the ballot box, religious face coverings have at times been misused in Canada and around the world to facilitate fraud and other criminal acts. Veiling has been used abroad to advance terrorist operations, including suicide bombings. Such risks compelled France to ban the burqa in certain public spheres, and the Netherlands’ government - among others - is considering doing the same. And last fall in Quebec, ADQ leader Mario Dumont went beyond the ballot box issue, stating that he did not “rule out the possibility of laws … to make illegal the wearing of the burqa.” Yet some of Canada’s elites, apparently unfazed by the threat to electoral integrity and public safety, appear helpless in the face of radical lobbying in the name of “accommodation”.

Jeeez! When will dhimmis grow a spine! I guess that’s what liberalism does to people. Robs them of their testosterone while driving those wimpy hybrid cars.

"Canadians call upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition leaders Stephane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, and Jack Layton, to demand an end to Elections Canada’s ill-considered policy of diminished electoral scrutiny for one religious group," said Harris. "Government must promote one secular law for all, and an end to the appeasing of radical fundamentalism in whatever guise - or disguise."

Here! Here!

But this isn’t the first time that Canada has succumbed to dhimmitude.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, is farther down the “accommodations” road. A glance north can shed light on whether prayer spaces and ritual washing facilities are likely to satisfy activists for long.

Last month, the Canadian Federation of Students issued a report, titled “Final Report of the Task Force on Needs of Muslim Students,” that calls for sweeping changes at the country’s institutions of higher education. The federation represents more than 500,000 students across Canada, about half of the nation’s total. While the report focuses on Ontario, its conclusions are applicable across the country and internationally, said Jesse Greener, the Federation’s Ontario chairperson.

Some recommended changes could affect all students. For example, the report criticizes Canada’s loan-based system of financing higher education and calls for outright grants to students. “Education related government loans should not accumulate interest,” it says, since Islam “opposes usury and involvement with interest-bearing loans.” Other changes would be more focused. The report endorses “women-only” time at athletic facilities, and urges colleges to “provide curtains or screens over the observation windows” when women are using the pool.

The report calls not just for Muslim-only prayer space but for “multiple prayer spaces” with “easy access” from all over campus. All new building plans should include prayer space and ritual washing facilities if necessary, it adds. Food service workers must learn to prepare halal food, which is ritually slaughtered and otherwise permissible under Sharia law. After preparing non-halal food, staff must “change sanitary gloves and wash cutlery and surfaces” to avoid contaminating halal food.

What if a campus fails to make these changes, and others like them? It is guilty, says the report, of “Islamophobia” — an “emerging form of racism,” according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Got that? Try and protect your society from and an alien culture bent on having Islam rule the world and you are a racist. A perpetuator of a hate crime. A criminal.

Islamophobia includes more than clearly inappropriate behavior such as violence against Muslims or unreasonable suspicion of them. It can be as “subtle” as a remark that includes a “stereotype” or betrays the speaker’s “lack of understanding” of Islam (such as the notion that Sharia law treats women as second class citizens). Just “one comment” of this kind can create a “poisoned” learning environment for Muslim students, the report says.

Soon, the Islamists will have their own little police force to make sure the dhimmis stay in line.

“Islamophobic” comments will soon land Canadians in serious trouble, if the federation has its way. The report outlines a comprehensive system “to encourage and facilitate a culture of reporting Islamophobia on campus. Anti-discrimination officers should be notified whenever such a comment is made, it says.

Can you say 1984?

But the report makes clear that systems like this will not eradicate Islamophobia from Canadian campuses. To remove stereotypes, faculty, staff, students and administrators must all learn “the tenets of Islam,” it said. “Education modules” for professors should incorporate a focus on “Islam and Islamophobia,” while student activities could range from more courses on themes of the Qur’an and the Islamic world today to “socials, programs and other initiatives” to teach about Islam. Everyone on campus should learn to recognize his or her “collective responsibility to identify and stop Islamophobia.”

Throughout this process, however, Islam must not be taught from a “Western perspective.” This qualifies as Islamophobia, because it “misrepresents Islam.” At the same time, the report says, some Muslim students have called for integrating “Islamic perspectives” in disciplines such as marketing, nursing and finance,” since Islam’s view of these differs from those of the West.

The absolute arrogance of them! It’s us that are misguided!

Storm Track Appeasement: You need to be Mentally Ill to be Politically Correct

To quote Up Pompeii, “A library book on bomb-making, sir? You'll find it under Religion”.

The politically correct morons in the UK just can’t do enough to show the world that they couldn’t think their way out of a paper burka. It seem UK libraries are infested – and that’s the correct word - with Jihadist literature including instructions on bomb making, holy wars, violence against women and kafirs- books by convicted Muslim terrorists.

HARDLINE Islamic literature popular with jihadist terrorists found prominently on the shelves of public libraries in Britain is a “major threat to public safety”, a think-tank said today.

A survey the Centre for Social Cohesion found literature written by extremists and jailed preachers made up much of the Islamic collections in London's Tower Hamlets. Works by more moderate scholars were less common and given less prominence, the report claimed.

This “warped” presentation of Islam represented a “major threat to public safety”, the report’s main author and think-tank’s director Douglas Murray said. Multiple copies of books by clerics Abu Hamza al-Masri and Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who have been convicted of inciting mass murder of Christians, Jews and Hindus, were available on the shelves.

Tower Hamlets Council insisted its unbalanced Islamic collections were being improved.

Hello!? I think the choice of books is not the only thing “unbalanced’ at the Tower Hamlets Council.

Mr Murray said: “This is akin to going to the history section of your local library and finding the shelves covering the Second World War only containing copies of Mein Kampf and books by Hitler’s inner circle and only one general history book to balance things out.

Tower Hamlets council said it would not remove any of the books because the writings themselves remain legal in Britain so we return to the sage old question in this war. Who is the enemy and when do we exercise sedition laws? If the UK refuses to defend itself due to enemy insensibilities, where goes the once proud British lion?

And it isn’t any better in this country. The political correct mental disease is well entrenched and healthy. Prisons have removed Jewish and Christian books from their libraries so as to allow prison officials, within today's suffocating multiculturalist ethos, to remove also books advocating jihad violence and Islamic supremacism.

It takes quite a bit of neurotic double-think to come up with a solution like that.

In a statement it said: “As part of an on-going 12-month review of our library stock, we have improved the balance of the Islamic literature in our libraries by purchasing a wider range of Islamic books to reflect the broad range of views within the Islamic world."

Right. Madness! Complete and utter madness!

Storm Track Appeasement: The EU – This Is How Liberty Dies

The EU is bent on national suicide for its member nations. How else can you explain EU's Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini.

A few months ago, the EU's Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini worried about what to do with illegal immigration. To no-one's surprise, he appears to have settled for surrendering and making it legal. The skilled glossocrat Frattini has already banned the use of the phrase Islamic terrorism: "You cannot use the term 'Islamic terrorism,'" he insisted. "People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion." He now thinks we shouldn't use the word "immigration," either, we should talk about "mobility." Moreover, the "Asian" and "African" immigrants in this case generally come from the predominantly Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East, with some additional ones from Pakistan and similar nations. The EU has thus decided to flood Europe with tens of millions of Muslims, at the same time as peaceful Europeans demonstrating against the Islamization of Europe were brutally harassed by the police in the EU capital of Brussels.

There it is in a nutshell. The plan to destroy Europe at its roots and promotes 1984 Newspeak at its best.

Ø Ban the use of the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ so you don’t have to see those that want to kill you.

Ø The war on terror is not a battle against a virulent ideology just a criminal affair.

Ø It’s not immigration. It’s mobility

Ø Flood Europe with those opposed to your culture and seek to undermine and replace it with there’s while silencing real Europeans who have the gall to resist it.

In the future, the next time Islamic Jihad terrorists, I mean mobile workers enriching us with their presence when they are not abusing Islam, massacre scores of Europeans, the EU will assure us that they did everything in their power to stop this, and then they will continue facilitating the Islamization of the continent as if nothing has happened.

The key to ending Muslim terrorism should then logically be to end and preferably reverse Muslim immigration. The EU's solution to this is to continue and even increase Muslim immigration while stopping web searches for the word "bomb." The scary part is that once the infrastructure and principle of Internet censorship has become firmly established, it could be widened to include other kinds of illegal or unwanted activities, for instance "racist" and "xenophobic" websites criticizing Islam or mass immigration. And make no mistake about it: They will do so. They are probably planning this as we speak.

To quote Padmé, “So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.”

Storm Track Appeasement: A Useful Idiot Stresses the Positive Side of Islam

It’s not bad enough that the author of this piece is a blatant apologist for Islam. What’s worse is that it is written by a rabbi.

The following is an excerpt from a speech Rabbi Eric Yoffie delivered Aug. 3 to the Islamic Society of North America's 44th annual convention in Chicago. Yoffie is president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish religious movement in North America, consisting of more than 900 congregations and 1.5 million Jews.

You can read the whole thing here. But I comment on some of the more ridiculous statement he made.

There is no lack of so-called experts who are eager to seize on any troubling statement by any Muslim thinker and pin it on Islam as a whole. Thus, it has been far too easy to spread the image of Islam as enemy, as terrorist, as the frightening unknown.

How did this happen?

How did it happen that Christian fundamentalists, such as Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, make vicious and public attacks against your religious tradition?

How did it happen that when a Muslim congressman takes his oath of office while holding the Quran, Dennis Prager suggests that the congressman is more dangerous to America than the terrorists of Sept. 11?

How did it happen that a member of Congress, Tom Tancredo, now running for president, calls for the bombing of Mecca and Medina?

Anyone who, in the slightest way, wandered off the reservation of the MSM can answer the rabbi on the above. But it’s this comment that goes straight to core of the problem we face with Muslims who adhere strictly to their religion.

Even more important, how did it happen that law-abiding Muslims in this country can find themselves condemned for dual loyalty and blamed for the crimes of terrorists they abhor?

There it is. Dual loyalty. If you are an American you don’t have dual loyalties – specially in time of war. If you disagree as an AMERICAN what AMERICANS do, that’s one thing. But not holding loyalties to another nation. The nation I’m speaking of is the umma or the nation of Islam.

One reason that all of this happens is the profound ignorance to which I referred. We know nothing of Islam -- nothing. That is why we must educate our members, and we need your help. And we hope in doing so we will set an example for all Americans.

First, here the useful idiot to his faith is pleading for help from those who are taught that Jews are apes and pigs and should be slaughtered. The help he and we require is for Muslims to stand up and say we stand with Israel. We stand for tolerance. We stand for religious freedom and harmony. We stand against terrorism and the slaughter of the innocent.

Second, we know a great deal about Islam and more and more of us are learning more and more everyday. One need only pick up a paper sand see the persecution of other religions by Muslim leaders calling for the religious cleansing of the Sudan, the attempts at imposing Sharia law on non-Muslim countries, and the infiltration and insurgency of radical Islam into once moderate Muslim countries.

The dialogue will not be one way, of course. You will teach us about Islam, and we will teach you about Judaism. We will help you to overcome stereotyping of Muslims, and you will help us to overcome stereotyping of Jews.

That’s going to be a good trick since the Muslim holy book itself teaches Muslims to kill the infidel. Is the rabbi asking Muslims to go against the teachings in the Koran?

It’s not us that need to learn the positive side of Islam. It’s up to Muslims to show us that positive side exists by reforming their religion and removing the hate filled passages from the Koran and disposing of the Sharia law in the Hadith.

Storm Track Appeasement: Muslims Say “No Christmas for You This Year”

Here’s another example of our ‘learned’ leaders in education willing to sacrifice our traditions on the altar of political correctness and multiculturalism.

So long Halloween parade. Farewell Santa's gift shop.

The long-celebrated holiday traditions are facing elimination in some Oak Lawn schools this year after complaints the activities are offensive, particularly to Muslim students.

Final decisions on which of the festivities will be axed will fall to the principals at each of Ridgeland School District 122's five schools, Supt. Tom Smyth said.

Parents expect the announcement to add to the tension that's been building since school administrators agreed earlier this month to change the lunch menu to exclude items containing pork to accommodate Muslim students. News that Jell-O was struck from the menu caused such a stir that officials since have agreed to bring the popular dessert back.

Jello?! Is anti-Islamic?

That controversy appears to have been dwarfed by the holiday debate, which became so acrimonious Wednesday that police were called to Columbus Manor to intervene in a shouting match among parents.

"It got heated," Division Chief Mike Kaufmann said of the disturbance call.

"It's difficult when you change the school's culture," said Columbus Manor School Principal Sandy Robertson, who predicts the holiday changes will be even tougher to stomach than the thought of losing Jell-O.

School culture? Wait a minute. Whose culture do they want to change? What ever happened to our American Judeo-Christian culture?

Robertson is hoping to strike some compromises that will keep traditions alive and be culturally acceptable to all students - nearly half of whom are of Arab descent at Columbus Manor, she says. Just fewer than one-third of students district-wide are Arabic, according to Smyth (though all Arabs are not Muslims and all Muslims are not Arabs).

This is a bunch of PC BS. If a certain ethnic or religious group wants to keep t heir traditions a live – open up and fund yourself a private school. But that’s not good enough for Muslims. To be inclusive they need to pick the pockets of the infidels.

Following the example of Lieb Elementary School, Columbus Manor will exchange the annual Halloween parade for a fall festival next month; kids still can wear costumes, but only in the classroom. The holiday gift bazaars at both schools also will remain, but they'll likely be moved to the PTA-sponsored after-school winter festival. And Santa's annual visit probably will occur on a Saturday.

Such compromises, however, don't appear to be a crowd-pleaser - at least initially.

Parents such as Donna Carvelli, who has two students enrolled at Columbus Manor, are in an uproar about the news.

"These are important traditions, and they're for everybody," she said. "I just want everything to be left the way it is."

Zahdan says the changes have been noted but don't go far enough.

"The title changed, but the theme is the same," she said pointing to the annual holiday gift shop as a half-hearted attempt at cultural sensitivity.

All reference to the Judeo-Christian culture must be erased to make Muslims feel included (to the un-inclusion of everyone else) to make them feel comfortable.

All students may have been invited, but any message of inclusiveness was drowned out by the Christmas music last year, she said.

Interesting remark by the Muslim. “Drowned out by the Christmas music”. Makes you sick doesn’t it?

"We want the school to be neutral for everybody," Zahdan said. "These children are all American and should be treated equally."

Meaning let’s get rid of what is American and replace it with what is Islamic. The nose is in the kefir’s tent. The whole camel will soon follow, folks.

Storm Track Appeasement: Muslim Appeasement – the Beat Goes On

Thanks to Vigilant Freedom we learn of two new bend over and grab your ankles appeasement stories this week. One coming out of Britain and the other from useful idiots in – yes – Minneapolis.

First Britain. The legal muzzling of critics of Islam reaches new heights with the British ‘Racial and Religious Hatred Act”

Beginning on Monday, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act will take effect in the UK, allowing for individuals to be prosecuted for “inciting religious hatred”.

The new offence can be committed by broadcasting, writing in a blog or on a website, recording sounds which are threatening, or in the performance of a play if there is intent to stir up religious hatred. Offences can be punished by a prison term of up to seven years and an unlimited fine. Where a company is found guilty of an offence and it is shown that the offence was committed with the consent or connivance of a director or manager, that person as well as the company itself can be punished.”

That should put the kibosh on free speech in the country that fathered it. You can read the entire act here:

On to the U.S.

First it was footbaths – now this. Just what the hell is going on at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College? Are they teaching technology or religion?

“Yesterday a student at MCTC wrote us concerning a small room on the third floor of the Technical Building, which I visited to take a look at myself. The room is identified as a "masjid" (mosque) and has Muslim-themed flyers (such as one on "the five pillars of Islam") on and around the door. It is, moreover, designated for "sisters" only. According to a statement on the door, a comparable room is reserved for "brothers" at the same location on the fifth floor. These facilities, whatever they are, are apparently reserved for the use of Muslims.”

The college has since replied: (

“Thank you for calling this matter to our attention. The college recently received a request from the Somali Student Association for the use of additional space. We evaluated the request through the process used for all space requests made by recognized student organizations. Unused space was identified and provided with the understanding that it could be used until needed by the college for other purposes. In recent days, without the knowledge of either the college or the student organization leaders, an unidentified individual put up two handmade signs designating these spaces for gender-specific religious use. Consistent with college practices, those postings have been replaced with two room signs identifying the student organizations using those spaces.”

Johnson told his readers the message contained, “a slight unresponsiveness.”

No surprise there.

Storm Track Appeasement: How to Boil an Infidel Frog

Islamist are on a roll – the Empire State Building bathed in Islamic green as today’s example. The Islamist are well versed how to boil a frog. In this case – the infidels.

For those of you who are not aware of the boiling frog process, it goes like this. You can’t throw a frog into a pot of boiling water. He’d jump right out. So, you put him in a pot of cold water and slowly, very slowly, turn up the heat until it’s too late and he boils.

The Iranians have been slowly boiling the free world’s frog now for some time and they’re about to get what they want. Clare Lopez, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, homeland security, national defense, and counterterrorism issues has written a very revealing article on how the process worked. I’ve pulled the most pertinent parts that boil the frog.

As the United States and Iran move ever closer to the endgame of an exceptionally hostile 28 year confrontation, it might be useful to step back from the heated rhetoric of 2007 to consider how successfully Iran has managed to string things along this far without precipitating an actual military strike by the U.S.

We need to recognize that the clerics who run Iran's totalitarian theocracy are past masters of denial and deception, mind war, and psychological operations. The ideal outcome of such tactics is achievement of one's national objectives, the bending of the opponent to one's will, without the use of force or coercion-in fact, without the opponent even realizing that the outcome was imposed from without and not his own desired outcome all along.

Boiling the frog. Remember, Iran has been an enemy of the US in an undeclared war since the 1979 coup d'etat of attacking the American Embassy in Tehran and holding hostage dozens of our diplomats for over a year. She uses the Iranian nuclear weapon program as a prime example of boiling our frog.

Let us begin to solve this puzzle by looking at Iran's nuclear weapons program. This is a program that the Ayatollah Khomeini revived in the 1980s as the endless, brutal war with Iraq entered its eighth year with no end in sight.

How did they keep such a secret from public knowledge for so long? Many of Iran's clerical leadership studied directly under the Soviet KGB and proved apt students of their denial and deception, mind war, and psychological operations tactics. Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for instance, is a graduate of the KGB training school, Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow.

Once the world realized, thanks to the Iranian resistance, what the Iranian regime had been up to for all those years, however, Tehran changed tack on a dime. The next phase of its denial and deception, mind war, and psychological operations campaign began. With satellite photography showing nuclear facilities at the Saghand uranium mines, Isfahan conversion plant, Natanz enrichment site, and Arak heavy water plutonium project now posted to the Internet, Iran plausibly could no longer deny the existence of its nuclear program. Moreover, in reluctant response to a steady barrage of NCRI revelations, the IAEA eventually was prodded to mount a desultory schedule of inspections.

What Iran's canny leadership could and did deny, however, was the essential nature of its efforts to build a forbidden weapons program. Taken by surprise by the NCRI revelations (that were based on the extensive clandestine intelligence collection program inside Iran run by NCRI member organization, the Mujahedeen-e Khalq or MEK), the mullahs were forced to fall back.

They have now admitted that they actually did have a nuclear program, but had concealed it from international authorities at the IAEA for fourteen years because they feared that American and other countries' animosity towards their regime might deny them their NPT-given right to develop a legitimate nuclear power industry. Thus, the mullahs lunged quickly for the sympathy of Third World and other rogue regime elements whom they intuitively understood would applaud their defiance of Western and international organizations labeled as 'oppressive.' In this way, the new regime line deftly positioned the Iranian nuclear program within the legitimate confines of the NPT, but at the same time garnered instant international support by self-designating Iran as an oppressed member of the developing world 'victim class'.

Incredibly, much of the world bought it all, lock, stock, and barrel! With Europeans in the lead, the international community rushed to proffer dialogue, incentives, and negotiations naively intended to secure Iran firmly within a largely illusiory system of voluntary restrictions on nuclear weapons proliferation and development. Incredulous protestations by American Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton and others served mainly to confirm Iran's persecution complex. This is mind war conducted at a very sophisticated level indeed.

The real protagonists in this saga of maneuver and deception are the MEK/NCRI. A steady procession of their revelations, many of them eventually validated by the IAEA and other methods, continued to expose Iran's massive construction projects, now shown to include underground, hardened bunkers and tunnels obviously designed to conceal and protect a nuclear program that Iran stubbornly, but with increasing difficulty, tried to insist was for 'peaceful purposes.' So, Iran's D&D, mind war, and psy ops teams changed gears again.

As speculation about an eventual Israeli or U.S. military strike against Iran's nuclear weapons facilities swirled with increasing intensity in the 2006-2007 timeframe, word went out from Tehran that the deeply-buried and concrete-reinforced bunkers were out of reach for anything short of tactical nuclear weapons. But if either country were foolish enough to try the kind of military strike that took out Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Iran was prepared to launch devastating missile attacks against Israel, unleash Hizballah operational cells across the Western world, and intensify lethal assistance to terrorist groups fighting against U.S. and coalition troops in Iraq.

And once again, many in the U.S. and elsewhere bought it, prefering to accept a diagnosis of impotence rather than challenge the arrogance of the Iranian regime. Regime change was dismissed as 'too hard', 'unrealistic'. Journal and op-ed pieces began to appear and slick Iranian 'experts' suddenly swarmed the media to speculate how best to 'contain' and 'deter' a nuclear-armed Iran. 'Living with a nuclear Iran' became the mantra of radio talk shows, think tank panel presentations, and even found an echo within.

The Iranian mind war operation thus celebrated a seminal victory over its despised international adversaries without having to fire a single shot. By clever application of denial and deception, mind war, and psychological operations tactics, the Iranian regime succeeded in changing global perceptions about its nuclear program. After being caught red-handed of violating the provisions of the nuclear NPT over a fourteen year period, Iran was able to gain the total acquiescence of the international community for the concept of an Iranian nuclear power program and, even more stunning, an acceptance of a nuclear weapons-armed Iran that is allied with al-Qa'eda and a horde of other terrorist groups.

Incredible as it may seem, Iran has shifted the thinking of world leaders completely away from its culpability for having and concealing a secret nuclear weapons program and into a subservient position from which it is the party deterred from even considering military strikes against Iran.

The beauty of Iran's mind war victory is that neither the U.S. nor the international community even seem to realize it's been maneuvered into total alignment with Iran's ideologically-driven objectives for geo-strategic expansionism.

Infidel cuisses de grenouilles, anyone?

Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week we return to a look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist Intimidation!!

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