Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Storm Track – Stupidity !!

It’s no use arguing with drunkards and fools but these two take the cake.

The first is expected from an enemy whose intelligence has been short-circuited by a dogmatic religion. Or as one wag said, “Religion is a dangerous medicine and should be kept out of the reach of children.”

I would add, and also out of the reach of fanatics. This is from Islam Online – a mainstream Islamic web site that believes the Taliban are no worse than the Vikings.

Almost all Danes, certainly the menfolk, would unreservedly and wholeheartedly say with genuine pride and respect that our forefathers the Vikings were great guys that we can really relate to — whereas the very same people would undoubtedly equally strongly condemn the Taliban as outlandish fanatics with a death-wish.

May I ask the innocent little question: Why?

Why the dramatic difference in attitudes when the similarities are so striking and so great?

With regards to your safety, put down your coffee and read further.

For both groups, separated by a thousand years and thousands of kilometres, share the following: Your blood-line, your family, your clan, who you are and where you come from are all of the utmost importance as your personal honour and that of your family, etc.

....Another case springs to mind which is: In the aftermath of 11 September 2001, the Taliban, quite correctly of course— refused to hand anyone over to the US in the absence of credible evidence that anyone on Afghan soil was involved.

The Vikings would behave in more or less the same manner; providing food and shelter as required if, say, members of a feuding clan were passing through the valley, even sitting at the same long table as their enemies— who had to leave their heavy weapons outside — bringing only light personal weapons inside, relying entirely for their security, indeed their survival, on the integrity of the hosts.

Not to be undone in the stupidity department, the BBC weighs in on the humanity of the Taliban.

A BBC presenter has attacked coverage of Afghanistan's ongoing war, claiming TV reporters are not covering the 'humanity of the Taliban'.

Lyse Doucet, a presenter and correspondent on BBC World News, was speaking at a discussion of TV reporting of the war in the country.

Asked what was missing in British coverage, she added: 'It may sound odd but the humanity of the Taliban, because the Taliban are a wide, very diverse group of people.

Let me see. Before you endow humanity on a people, shouldn't they shows signs of being human first?

'Some of them would like to talk to the British Government. Some of them don't want to be fighting British troops. Some of them would. This is the ideological Taliban.

What lengths appeasers and apologists will go to appease oppression?

Meanwhile, guess who shows signs of rationality and sees the Taliban for what they are?

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is an umbrella group of several militant organizations. It was created in 2007 and a fearsome militant commander in the country's tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, Baitullah Mehsud, was chosen as its first head.

'TTP has been declared as a terrorist organizationand the Interior Ministry has issued a notification to ban it,' said Rehman Malik, security adviser to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

'The law-enforcement agencies have been directed to monitor the activities and movements of those people who are somehow linked with it and take action against them as per the law,' he added.

Maybe Ms. Doucet should talk to them.

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