Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: NIGERIA - Oppressing Women to Protect Them

One would think that a bill named “Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offences in Nigeria would be considered one to protect women. Far from it. It’s really another way to impose a cultural straight jacket on Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Nigeria.

The bill was introduced by Senator Eme Ekaette, in her capacity as Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Women and Youth. Here are some of the key points of the bill.

The bill, many complain, undermines the fundamental human rights of citizens. It discriminates against women and gives far-reaching powers to the police, who many say, sometimes, over- reach themselves in discharging their constitutional role of policing society.

This is another attempt at protecting women from the slobbering immaturity of Muslim men by opprssing them.

On the other hand, charitable opinion as to the intended reason for the bill are that Madam Ekaette is seeking to prevent cases of rape and sexual intimidation by making it mandatory to dress decently in public.

From the interview with

Onyinye: The title of the bill is "A Bill for an Act to Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offenses in NigEeria". And, I think the major objective of this bill, and from those who have spoken to Senator Ekaete one on one, is to address the issue of sexual intimidation and rape, which is getting on the increase in Nigeria. It is also an attempt to set a subjective standard to determine how people dress personally and to criminalize and penalize whoever does not comply with the content of the bill. Another issue which is very important for us to note here is that the bill also applies to young people who are above the age of 14. So, from 15 years upward, the bill applies to you.

Remi: How do you then determine indecent exposure? Does the bill define it?

Yes. The bill says that public nudity refers to any of the following: a state of nakedness in the public or open; state of indecent dressing which exposes in the public or in the open any of the following parts of the body: the breast of a female above the age of 14, the laps of a female above the age of 14, the belly or and the waist of a female above the age of 14, any part of the body from two inches below the age of 14, any part of the body of the male person above the age of 14 from the waist to the knee.

It goes on to say that any form of dressing with transparent clothing or cloth in the public or in the open which exposes any part of the body from 2 inches below the shoulder level down to the knee of a female person above the age of 14 years, provided that exposure of the hand, of the female person above the age of 14 shall not be construed as public nudity.

Got that? Since men can’t control themselves, then control the women.

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  • While I see your point [and concur]

    it Is a bit ironic don't you think,

    under extreme 'control of women' desired by theocrats in America,
    its a bit familiar,

    can't control men, therefore encourage Viagra, paid for by insurance [because men are entitled]

    work to ban BIRTH CONTROL, therefore,

    controlling women's sexuality, to the utmost.

    Typical double standards, though they may differ in severity,

    they are the same.

    director of WAMI

    By Blogger Natasha, at 11:58 AM  

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