Sunday, September 07, 2008

Storm Track Appeasement: More Mental Stupidity from the UK

If you’re a Muslim convicted of a crime the UK you can bet your bottom dinar that you will demand accommodation in your punishment. After all – Isn’t that what multiculturalism is all about. Certain cultures unequal and above the law of others?

A benefit cheat attempted to avoid doing unpaid work in the community on religious grounds.

Over several years mother-of-three Noreen Shah claimed more than £10,000 in benefits without disclosing up to £20,000, stashed in a secret bank account, to Watford Borough Council.

Shah, of Longspring, North Watford, has no previous convictions and was told she would not go to prison, but that the court was looking to impose a punishment in the form of a high level community order, or what used to be known as community service.

But Dacorum Magistrates Court’s bench, chaired by Sandra Caldwell, was informed that because of Shah’s religious beliefs the proposed community order could cause “difficulties” if she had to work alongside men.

Can you see a non-Muslim say this? She would be laughed at and dispatched forth with.

The full-time mother, whose husband was in court to support her, is very active in the Watford community carrying out voluntary work especially in furthering the children’s Islamic education, said her defence.

Indoctrination, you mean.

The report also recommended a curfew, but the court was told that was not “appropriate” with the Muslim festival of Ramadan approaching.

Mr Bashir said there would be nighttime activities in the local mosque that she would miss out on.

How many more excuses can this broad come up with?

Rashid Choudhrey, one of the trustees of the Watford Mosque attended by the defendant, said after the case he knew nothing in the Islamic faith to prevent Shah carrying out unpaid work alongside men.

“Islam does not forbid her. My understanding is that if you commit a crime, you take the punishment,” he said.

“If you are that religious you should not commit the crime anyway. If you are that God fearing, why would you want to take money away from other people that need it?”

Because it’s the tax infidels must pay to Muslims. It’s not stealing – it’s their due!

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  • Your initial monologue on last Friday's radio show was quite effective, once again reviewing the madness of western culture in giving in to the islamists.

    Also, you said Obama, if he loses, may come back and run for Pres again. I suspect this has occurred to many voters--that Obama is too inexperienced to trust the office to him now. In fact I think I heard McCain or Lieberman make the same point, implying that Obama will be back, presumably more mature--so you may still get to vote for him later. This factor may yet cos Obama more votes this time around.

    By Blogger felix, at 1:20 PM  

  • Look at the name - NOREEN Shah.
    This bitch is a British convert who very likely would have cheated the benefits system anyway - had she not found an economically active Asian but STILL pursued her cheating nature.

    I am NOT (far from it)a Muslim apologist but hats off to the Mosque head who totally debunked her claims.
    HE no doubt will be on the "hit list" when the Jihadists take over. Echos of "moderate" Germans then.
    And sadly THAT is the reality. Those Muslims who do NOT want to take over the world will be bullied into submission or killed.

    The ONLY answers are EITHER the total elimination of Islam
    OR that genuinely decent Muslims rise up and cure the problem themselves. A route in which they have so far spectacularly failed,

    ANYTHING ELSE is doomed to failure.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 AM  

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