Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: After School Jihad

So let me get this straight. Our taxpayer dollars and others from Western countries that are used to fight terrorism are also used to fund 90% of Kabul University. So what’s so bad about that? After all, if we just teach those uneducated Muslims they will see the error of their ways and stop killing infidels and embrace the glories democracy.

Obama says so. Right? Wrong.

To his professors and peers at Kabul University, Abdul is the epitome of a model student.

The 21-year-old law undergraduate takes copious notes in class, always finishes assignments on time and hopes to become a teacher when he graduates.

What they do not know is that when class is over he spends his time on less wholesome activities - watching videos of bomb attacks on American troops and plotting to overthrow the Afghan Government.

Abdul is not just a Taleban sympathiser: he is a member of a secret Taleban cell at Kabul University that claims several hundred members and is a worrying new sign of the movement’s expanding influence.

More Neo-Con strategy in action.

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