Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winds of War: Islam Placed Under UN Extinct Species Protection Act

Sons of Pigs & has published a tongue in cheek press release declaring the at the UN has placed Islam on the Extinct Species Protection Act. As we all know, Islam has been under much pressure to reform itself and this pressure has forced the OIC to seek protection. Here are some portions of the release.

Press release from the Sons of Apes and Pigs.

We declare, based on our senior undertaker of Islamic affairs, the following:
We support, accept, join and vote with the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) for the implementation of the United Nations’ resolution A/C.3/62/L.35

“Combating defamation of religions “and commend all members of the OIC for their unprecedented courage and their historical acknowledgment that their Allah, used to be also known by “the almighty, the all powerful, the merciful, the compassionate, the deceiver and other stolen identity” has been now placed under the UN extinct species protection act.

It is evident that the push by the OIC for the resolution is due to a diagnosis of Islam’s acute immune system deficiency in a desperate move to protect it from the gathering storms. It came as a last resort following the distressing marketing campaign attempt to give Islam a luster it never had. Not all that glitters is gold, and no matter how much you polish a cubic zirconium it will never sell as a precious stone except to fools.

From the full page advertising in major newspapers, to the give away of Allah’s revelation (free Korans), to the millions of dollars poured in American and Western universities to give Islam a religious pedigree it never had, to the sponsoring of “living as a Muslim” curricula masquerades in American and western schools, and the circus of “Westerners experiencing life under Shari’a “ shows, like wife swap and other farcical "reality shows", were the only things missing were the Stonings and honor killings, to the subterfuge of interfaith meetings with dhimmi Christians and Jews, to the Ramadan open tables with sheesh kebab and baklava free for all on the house (of Allah), to the placards on undergrounds, tubes, subways, buses. I would’ve added a touch of music with the jingle “Islam on wheels” since it never had legs (of truth) to stand on.

A better return on investment would’ve been for Islam’s marketeers to sponsor similar ads on the sides of buses in Gaza, Tehran, Baghdad, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, Kashmir, Indonesia, Yemen, Darfur, not to mention the Wahabis’buses in Saoudi Arabia, the Madrassas’ buses in Pakistan and Virginia, Hezbollah’s buses in Lebanon, Abu Sayaf’s buses in Philippines, just to name a few. Unless the end users required the buses to be equipped with self detonators.

Read it all here.

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