Monday, June 11, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: A Reply To An Email to The Gathering Storm

I received an email today taking issue with my blog. It was a civil email lacking malice and posed a rational question. So a reasonable question deserves a reasoned response.

Here is the email in its entirety with my responses. I did not include the name or email address of the sender.

Gathering Storm,

It's not clear to me whether you are blogging because you genuinely wish to inform people about a perceived threat, or because you want some notoriety and you're willing to gain it through sensationalism. If it's the latter, there's nothing to be said about that, other than perhaps you are helping to fuel the fire of hatred and misunderstanding that leads to conflict. But if it's the first, you've got some articles that touch on very real concerns, but many more that take an occurrence out of context or selectively focus on only the Muslim component to the story.

The purpose of my blog is not to “fuel the fire of hatred and misunderstanding that leads to conflict”. Muslims are doing that quite well around the world today. My purpose, in my own small way (I get less than 200 readers a day) is to inform the non-Muslim AND Muslim world of the threat of a virulent ideology called Islamism that is making inroads all over the globe.

If you truly seek to inform and you want your blog to be considered a respectable source of information and a locus for debate, I'd suggest you try to look into each snippet of news before posting it and interpreting it for the masses.

For the most part, I’ve tried to avoid name calling in my posts and when commenting on material in the news or on the web, I’ve tried, like many other bloggers on the right, to reference my sources so readers can see if my analysis is correct. It’s up to my readers to decide if I am spinning the information and in which way.

For example, you treated French government support for mosque construction as a victory for the jihadis. That's a conflation of Muslims and extremists that is unwarranted and smacks of prejudice.

Let’s speak to that. Your argument is the same argument that Muslims use time and time again. It’s only that small number of extremists that are waging jihad today. But jihad is not only defined as militant jihad. There are other forms of jihad either practiced or supported by many Muslim moderates. Jihad for the Islamists comes in many forms – all with the objective of advancing the religion of Islam and the submission of non-Muslims to the Islamist’s will. The non-violent Jihadist means of imposing Shariah law through intimidation, infiltration and disinformation in a society inflict a different sort of casualty - one to our traditions, cherished values and way of life. These types of Jihads are:

  • Cultural jihad
  • Economic jihad
  • Demographic jihad
  • Litigation jihad
  • Institutional jihad
  • Financial jihad
  • Media jihad.
  • Thugery jihad
  • Criminal jihad

All of which has the objective of imposing, one way or another, Shariah law on a society.

Muslims have faced extreme discrimination in France in the government's attempt to deny the changing ethnic composition of the country, and in doing so they've created a religious and ethnic underclass that went from secular Islam to (in some cases) extreme fundamentalist Islam because of that oppression.

Whoa!! Are you saying that a nation does NOT have the right to protect its national identity? But if you believe, like a majority of Muslim believe that their first allegiance is to the ummah and not to their nation, then I can see why you believe that “government's attempt to deny the changing ethnic composition of the country” is a threat to Muslims. A recent Pew survey found the survey said 47 percent of Muslims consider themselves Muslim first, American second, while 42 percent of Christians put their religion first and 62 percent of white evangelicals do so. What the survey fails to acknowledge is that those Christians have the same core values as the nation as a whole and are not willing to murder the rest of us should we not see religion their way. And as for oppression, there is scant news from any other religious of ethnic groups with similar complaints that are using violence to achieve their goals.

Many of them are the descendants of people who were citizens of France in the Muslim colonies, who fought and died for France in the World Wars, and yet their children can't find jobs or a place to pray.

You seem to think that Muslims who died in defense of France should be owed something more than any other religious or ethnic group that done so? No other religious group is demanding that they received special treatment because of past colonial injustices. Why should bowing to Muslim demands inconvenience the rest of the population? Case in point. The Amish in this country? You couldn’t get a more anti-21st century culture. They chose to live in a non-industrial, agricultural society removing all traces of technology from their daily lives. But you don’t see them enter New York of any other city of our dominate culture and demand that all cell phones be turned off, all automobiles be removed from their sight, all women be dressed in sacks, or all electronic billboards be turned off in Times Square. Both the Hasidic and Amish cultures can live side by side in our dominant culture and you hear none of the endless complaints you hear from Muslims. Or are they complaints? Perhaps they are more than that. Perhaps they are attempts of subjugating the dominant non-Muslim culture and turn them into good little dhimmis as radical Muslims and those that support their agenda of an Islamic world continue their attempt to impose their will on others.

State-sponsored mosques aim to redress these wrongs and get people praying in the open rather than in slum apartments where their sense of marginalization fans the flames of extremism. If you'd looked into this a bit more you could have interpreted the French government's actions in an entirely different, positive and ultimately more accurate light.

Let’s talk about these state-sponsored mosques. Many are now coming under suspicion in Europe of fanning the very same “flames of extremism” that you speak of. Even here in the US, hate is being preached in Muslim Schools.

Please try harder to learn about the context and avoid biased selectivity. Unless sensationalism is your aim and you don't mind making things worse.

I only analyze what is reported. My bias is against the spread of Islamism in the form of intimidation, infiltration and disinformation and I will criticize those that apologize and appease the Islamist and their agenda when ever it served. And it is not I or the other anti-jihadist bloggers who are making things worse. We only report the news – we don’t make it.

Read THE GATHERING STORM eBook (with an Introduction by ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat) that contains 300 pages of hyperlinked information, pictures, cartoons and videos that details the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics Islamists are using to advance their goal of the Islamic rule of the world.


  • You do a great service. Dont let this multiculralist lib deter you. If he wants to complain about bias, he should start with the Qur'an and the rise of Islam.

    By Blogger Richard, at 10:19 AM  

  • Spot on target! Unfortunately, it's likely your interlocutor will only disregard the logic of your response, rather than "looking into it," or into himself, for an honest evaluation of circumstances and your stated intentions and motivations.

    Maybe only 200 or so currently visit your site every day, but we are only a minute part of a growing and increasingly restive population. The facts are there for all to see who wish to see them, our MSM notwithstanding! As reflected in the historical record, Islamism has been a scourge to humanity for over a millenium, while its deleterious effects to humanity and free societies are becoming more obvious and wide-spread every day.

    Apologists, pseudo-intellectuals and the willfully ignorant will not prevail in concealing the truth of what this wretched ideology intends. So, enough of tolerating the intolerance exemplified by this cult (jizya, dhimmitude, FGM, honor killings, death for apostasy, murder, mass-murder, all in the name of their prophet and his god, and at least tacitly sanctioned by the believers at large). Lay their actions and intentions bare. Present the facts tenaciously and honestly, just as you have been doing. Then, once informed, our nation/society will take appropriate Constitutional action to defeat their efforts at our submission (or is that "islam").

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:21 PM  

  • I can't believe you only get 200 visitors per day. I visit this blog EVERY DAY. I consider it part of the "core curriculum" along with Atlas, Jihadwatch, LGF and others. How come they have 7,000+ per day visitors to your 200? You should try to get the word out there! I want to see you get up to thousands, so you'll keep doing it. Keep up the essential work.

    By Anonymous mega, at 4:36 PM  

  • I forward WC's articles and essays to a list of over one thousand like minded people. Hopefully, some of those do the same.........that's the true power of the new media.


    By Blogger Michael Travis, at 5:36 AM  

  • Thank you all for your support. even if I have only 1 visitor a day I will keep up the fight. The web needs places like ours to be a ready source of accurate information on the Islamic threat when some hideous attack finally hits the US and people will be demanding to know just who the enemy really is.

    By Blogger WC, at 7:55 AM  

  • Just to add. I sometimes forward your articles to Fox News, Hannity and Glenn Beck. You do good work and I do commend you. Keep up the good fight.

    By Blogger Richard, at 11:10 AM  

  • Well said Winston!

    My bias is against Islam because it is an ideology that goes against FREEDOM.

    People (the media in particular are too afraid to speak out against Islam). What does that tell us? People who criticise Islam are shot, bumped off, and systematically erased by the Islamic Mafia. Our FREEDOM IS AT THREAT RIGHT AT THIS VERY MINUTE and who is jumping up and down?
    Well, certainly not the Socialists (in any country).

    Why is it that the company who owns USA Today has a crescent moon as their logo?

    Why is it that the USA ports are owned by Arabs?

    I would love it if we could all form groups within our countries and get some action behind our dissent.

    There are tens of thousands of us, maybe millions. We need a leader or a council.

    By Blogger Rebel Radius, at 11:39 PM  

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