Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Terror Plot to Bring Down UK Internet

The Times of London reports that Scotland Yard has uncovered evidence that al Qaeda has been plotting to bring down the internet in Britain. Hat tip The Terrorism Update and On the Wing.

In a series of raids, detectives have recovered computer files revealing that terrorist suspects had targeted a high-security internet “hub” in London. The facility, in Docklands, houses the channel through which almost every bit of information on the internet passes in or out of Britain. The suspects, who were arrested, had targeted the headquarters of Telehouse Europe, which houses Europe’s biggest “web hotel”, containing dozens of “servers” , the boxes which contain the information that makes up the web.

A senior Whitehall security official said the internet plotters appeared to be planning to infiltrate the “hub”, possibly to blow it up from the inside.

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