Saturday, February 10, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: The War from the Perspective of a First Year Journalism Student

Christina Baucco is a freshman studying journalism at Butler University and wrote in DawagNet, their student news site, and article entitled War on Islam?

Whether we like it or not we may actually be in a war on Islam. Contrary to beliefs that we are not a totalitarian country, meaning we would not attack another country’s religion, we seem to be doing just that. The problem is that in the Middle East religion dominates people's private and public lives. As our government says we are fighting to establish a democracy they see us trying to overthrow their religion. This is what is causing the instability surrounding the war.

Notice her total lack of the Muslims attempting to force THEIR religion around the world. Not the other way around.

Some people believe that we have a right to this war historically. In many occasions it has been recorded that Islam was aggressive towards western culture and Christianity. But in the end doesn’t it ring with semblances of a playground fight. Doesn’t the phrase “I didn’t start this but I’m sure going to finish it” seem to summarize our right to this war? Is that the way we want to be viewed in our stance?

The answer? YES! What kind of action is demanded when the bully’s goal is to follow you home to complete the job?

I want to believe that we aren’t in this war to attack a religion. I want to believe that this war is about reform and not revenge.

No, Miss Baucco, we are not in this war for revenge. We’re in this war defending our civilization and way of life against a totalitarian theocratic ideology.

Perhaps if we were not trying to speed along our agenda in establishing a democracy and instead slowly fought to bring about the idea that we aren’t in a war on Islam but on a quest of reform perhaps this war would not have the criticism it has so far known but maybe the support that it deserves.

If Miss Baucco had been more attentive in her ‘History of Western Civilization’ class (I wonder if the still teach that in college these day?) she would have learned that reform of an ideology does not come from without. It comes from within. Ideologies are destroyed from without, reformed within.

This freshman journalism student needs to learn more about the world but so far it seems she’s been well indoctrinated into the main stream media’s ideology of the Left.

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  • I'll bet that Miss Baucco's Western Civ class taught her that Western civilization is the root cause of all the world's problems. After all, the left controls many of the universities.

    I wonder if Western Civ classes are still offered? They might have some weird name now.

    I also wonder who sits on the textbook committees of various history books being used at the university these days?

    By Blogger Always On Watch Two, at 6:45 AM  

  • Most high schools and universities offer dumbed down and politically correct versions of US and world history. They do not teach students how to think, they teach them how to take tests. Because of multiculturalism and political correctness we are in decline as a civilization. Until this is recognized by a majority of our citizens we are heading for some really tough times.

    By Blogger Peter, at 9:10 PM  

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