Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: Affirmative Action – Islam Style.

I wonder where this kind of logic comes from. Bunch of pinhead statistic pencil necks I suppose.

A new religious syllabus for schools has caused a fury among church groups and politicians after recommending teachers cut down on education about Christianity while increasing lessons in Islam and Hinduism.

Yes – you heard it right. Muslim Affirmative Action.

Teachers in Buckinghamshire were directed to spend 40 per cent of religious education on Christianity, while giving Islam and Hinduism equal play at 20 per cent each.

Just ten percent was then to be devoted to other religions - including Judaism - with a final ten per cent on "general concepts".

The Jews get the short end of the stick again. And what the heck are ‘general concepts’ religion, anyway. Will Scientology be studied? How about Druidism? Got to have all included in the multicultural paradise off Britain that’s done so much for societal peace.

However when the lack of time devoted to Christianity sparked protests, Buckinghamshire education authorities reportedly removed those numbers from official documents.

Out of site, out of mind. You have to admire the beaureaucratic pinhead’s courage – or lack there of.

Councillors accused authorities of a cover-up, saying that while the need to teach children about other world religions is obvious the lack of education on Christianity in a Christian country was going too far.

However the Buckinghamshire County Council reportedly hit back saying the changes would not impact taxpayers as printing errors meant the document had to be redrafted anyway.

Aka – cover your ass.

The council also insisted Christianity remained the focus of the syllabus, and insisted the new policies provided flexibility for the schools and promoted goodwill, seeking to inform rather than influence children.

Yep. Make sure the Islamist propaganda gets to the children so as to inform – not influence. Right.

However critics reportedly insisted the nation's religion was being turned in to a sideshow in the name of political correctness.

But who’s listening to them?

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